Vedder Mountain Veterinary Clinic


Surgical Services for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & More in Chilliwack 

We perform a wide variety of soft tissue surgical services at our clinic. Our surgical patient base includes cats, dogs, rabbits, small to medium-sized companion birds and some rodents.

We constantly endeavor to be thorough and to adhere to the important surgical principles of aseptic technique, proper sterilization of our surgical packs and surgical suite cleanliness. In addition, we are very focused on close monitoring of our patients’ vital signs such as their cardiac and respiratory rates, blood pressures and body temperatures from their induction stage of anesthesia right through to their conscious recovery stage some time after all procedures are completed. 

We strive to provide for each of our animal or avian patients individualized care that can optimally provide for a smooth and gentle recovery phase. In alignment with this goal, we are firm advocates of pain control for all of our surgical patients.

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