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Dental Services

About 68% of cats and 78% of dogs greater than 3 years of age show some degree of dental disease. Current research continues to illustrate that there is a definite link between dental disease and kidney, liver and heart disease. Prevention and control of dental disease are two keys to longevity, overall good health and quality of life of pets. 

As with people, there are two main components of oral health care for pets. The first component is professional dental care, which is what we as professionals perform every year or so. The second component is home health care.

Our professional care protocol involves a through examination of a pet’s mouth, accom-plished while the pet is anesthetized to allow for detection of any abnormalities of teeth, gums and associated oral tissues. Next, we thoroughly clean the pet’s teeth and chart gum pockets for future reference. After completing these tasks, we employ radiographic techniques to determine if there are any underlying tooth root or hidden teeth problems that need to be addressed. Finally, we polish the teeth with a customized polisher.

But the process doesn’t stop here! Home care is what a pet owner can do at home every day between professional treatments.    Our professional team members are very informed regarding preventive dental home care and enjoy offering advice and providing instruction to pet owners regarding daily dental cleaning techniques and about effective dental foods and chews.  Home care requires work but can be very rewarding for both the pet and owner.

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